The Sam George Thriller

Sam George

For a couple of days running, a Member Of Parliament (MP) for the Ningo/Prampram constituency was busy narrating what, according to him, transpired during the Ayawaso West Wuogon constituency bye-election.

It was a two-day thriller, an interesting journey into the world of ballistics and tactics: he surely reminded soldiers and cops about their lessons at the feet of Weapon Training Instructors.

If his memorization ability, as he narrated by rote, lessons he had learnt from ballistic experts in preparation for his appearance before the Short Commission was amazing, his invincibility under rapid fire from blazing AK 47s made him a superman.

The thriller segment apart, Sam George’s presentation contains interesting fault lines worthy of exploring.

Vociferous Sam George, MP tampered with crime scene exhibits and we expect the Police would take interest in this bit. This fact is premised by the many empty shells he showed the Commission which were collected ostensibly from the crime scene on the day during the melee.

MPs are expected to exude a clout of deference, their conduct bereft of questions of integrity deficiencies. Most, if not all persons, who watched the proceedings posed queries which were incommensurate with the status of an MP which Sam George is.  

The best tactician in the Ghana Army cannot avoid drawing multiple bullets when forty shots are fired at him not even when he doubles away in a zigzag order. He has reviewed downwards the forty rounds to four. Serving or retired soldiers or cops would want to find out whether the firing was in rapid or single bust mode.

When a crime occasioned, especially, by the firing of live bullets, the crime scene is secured as a routine procedure so crime scene detectives can undertake the photographing of the place and identifying and picking exhibits. Why would an MP ostensibly do what Sam George did at the crime scene?

Couldn’t the empty shells have been brought from elsewhere? During their press conference soon after the security breaches at Ayawaso West Wuogon, the NDC organized a press conference and the party Chairman displayed an AK 47 which he claimed was seized from an NPP man at the scene. We do not know whether the firearm has been handed over to the Police or not? We recall an NDC MP boasting shortly afterwards about the arsenal of the party.

We have taken notice of the MP’s statement that he does not have confidence in the Police. For us, this is very serious coming from an MP. This informed his decision not to turn in the empty shells in his possession. A situation where an MP decides to malign the law enforcement system of the country in this manner is worrying.

 Those who serve in the public service and indeed other departments of the country should not carry baggage of immorality. They could be emitting dangerous and inappropriate signals to the youth for emulation.

We have had enough of the poor showing.