Transitions Launches Pre-Plan Policy

Jodene Smith, General Manager, Transitions

LEADING funeral services provider, Transitions Funeral Home, has launched a new funeral policy dubbed: the ‘Transitions Pre-Plan Policy’.

The policy is aimed at making the organization of funerals easy for clients and their families; and to provide an opportunity for people above insurable age to have a funeral cover.

It also allows individuals to plan their own funeral in the way they see fit.

At a brief ceremony held on its premises at Transitions Place, near the Asore Junction on the Atomic – Kwabenya road in Accra on Tuesday, October 29, General Manager of Transitions, Jodene Smith iterated that as the cost of funerals is on the rise, Transitions, as a customer-centric company realized the importance of “making it easy for families to say goodbye without breaking the bank”.

“Understanding that pre-planning for one’s funeral might take time to happen, the policy comes with the time value of the contributions made over the period.

“This means that the value of the contributions made today will remain the same value whenever the unforeseen happens”, she added.

The Pre-Plan package is designed to cover one’s self, a nominated person or open cover for groups.

The product also allows clients to pre-select from the list of services offered by Transitions to create a package.

The client can also choose from pre-designed funeral packages available; and payments can be made in full at a go or in installments.

By Nii Adjei Menshafio