Trigmatic, Wife Divorce

Trigmatic and Edith


Renowned rapper, Trigmatic, has revealed that he and his wife, Edith Schandorf, have officially parted ways, with their divorce having taken place three years ago.

The disclosure came to light during a conversation on D-Black’s Unkut show.

Trigmatic confirmed the dissolution of his marriage, stating, “I am divorced. A lot of people don’t know; it’s not something I talk about… Yeah, it has been three years now.”

Despite the private nature of their separation, Trigmatic addressed the matter openly when prompted by D-Black.

When questioned about the role his profession as an entertainer played in the breakdown of his marriage, Trigmatic emphasised that the decision to divorce was reached amicably.

He clarified that the extended period spent together at home during the COVID-19 pandemic did not exacerbate their differences but rather provided a peaceful environment.

Reflecting on their marriage, Trigmatic mentioned that despite celebrating their third anniversary on March 25, 2020, they ultimately decided to part ways.

Their divorce occurred shortly after one ‘Trig’ was accused by showbiz personality Afia Schwarzenegger of allegedly fathering a baby with Akua GMB. Afia alleged that Akua GMB’s one-year-old daughter in 2020 was not fathered by Dr. Oteng, but rather by the Trig person.

This accusation prompted widespread speculation and scrutiny directed at Trigmatic, who vehemently denied any involvement with Akua GMB. Through his legal representatives, Trigmatic issued a 72-hour ultimatum to Afia Schwarzenegger, demanding a retraction and apology for her claims, else he would pursue legal action.

“It’s rather unfortunate that in these difficult times, one would seek to defame and cause further distress to one’s family, friends and hard-earned reputation. To my family of friends, fans and well-wishers — thanks for your concern & support in recent times with regards to the false accusations made against me. It’s a legal matter now; we’ll let the law take its course. Thanks & continue to stay safe out there,” he wrote on Instagram when he shared a copy of the letter.

However, Afia Schwarzenegger responded by denying that she had mentioned Trigmatic’s name, stating that she was discussing someone else on Facebook.

“I’m tired of Ghanaians. I was talking about someone else on Facebook but here comes Trigmatic taking up the matter,” Afia said at the time.

“Tell your lawyers that I do not have time to apologise and retract my statement, except, of course, if you have engaged in such an act,” she added.