Uche Jombo Blasts Critics Of Nollywood

Uche Jombo 

Nollywood actress, Uche Jombo, in a recent tweet, called out people who constantly brandish their distaste for the Nigerian film industry.

According to her, she could never understand why a class of people feel it is a bragging right to dislike Nollywood.

“I never understand the people that go out of their way to say ‘I don’t watch Nollywood films’ to Nollywood peeps. Oga… No one asked! You can actually keep this bragging right to yourself,” the actress wrote on Twitter.

Amid the Nollywood criticism ranging from poor production quality to below par storytelling, the actress explained in another tweet that the initial tweet was inspired by an acquaintance who immediately registered her disdain for the industry.

A friend introduced me to someone and her first line is ‘I don’t watch Nollywood films’ to this is Uche Jombo. Again no one asked and YES she can keep that to herself,” Pulse Nigeria quoted her.

With over a decade in Nollywood, Uche Jombo is a household name in the Nigerian entertainment scene. Asides acting, Jombo is also a revered film producer.