Unilever Explains Focus On Football

Anirban Mullick


Anirban Mullick, Unilever International’s BU Head for Africa, has commented on his outfit’s commitment to supporting football in Africa and globally through its various partnerships.

“In Africa, we are building programmes including Rexona ‘Breaking Limits,’ which is inspiring people with the confidence to move more. This is because movement has the power to transform lives and break limits we put on ourselves and those put on us by others. This brings people together, unites communities and stimulates positive social change. With Dove ‘Body Confident Sport’ programme, we are driving an important message of promoting body confidence to keep girls playing the sports they love.”

According to him, such partnerships make Unilever the exclusive Personal Care Consumer Goods partner for the two tournaments, giving it the opportunity to engage with Africa’s large football fanbase, adding that, the company hopes to connect with the future generation of football athletes across the African continent.

Touching on its sponsorship of the CAF Africa Cup of Nations Côte d’Ivoire 2023, Mullick said Unilever was building on its rich history as a major partner of football events and competitions in Africa and worldwide.

“The partnership has opened an avenue of opportunities including building a brand experience across multiple touchpoints with digital and social media, driving a purposeful brand message and importantly, co-supporting and growing local football initiatives in the continent along with CAF. As part of our growth journey in Africa, we are increasing our footprint through digital commerce and direct-to-consumer capabilities to seed and incubate niche premium brands in the continent.

“Since the beginning of the partnership, we have launched several instore/mall activations in key markets with the aim to reach and excite our target audience, while allowing them to interact with our sponsoring brands,” he disclosed.

The collaboration will build on existing projects by Unilever brands, which aim to have a positive impact on communities. This includes Rexona’s ‘Breaking Limits’ programme, which provides funding for community sports and helps young people overcome barriers to being active and the Dove ‘Body Confident Sport’ programme – a first-of-its-kind online coaching programme to build body confidence in young girls.

Commenting on women’s football, he said Unilever has invested in outreach programmes aimed at encouraging more girls and young women to participate in football. These include funding local clubs, providing equipment and facilities, and organising coaching clinics and youth tournaments.


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