Unnecessary Populist Drama

Dr. Benjamin Agordzo

Attempts by some propagandists to cast aspersion on the ongoing investigations into the alleged coup plot should not be condoned because it lacks merit.

The hiatus which greeted the subject after the initial NDC spin through the production of some of the evidence in the bosom of the intelligence operatives has suddenly changed with the arrest of Dr. Benjamin Agordzo, not least the reference to social media exchanges between the suspects.

We can only be measured in our discussion in this edition out of deference to the judicial system because Dr. Agordzo has started his dates with the court.

We witnessed the unusual show put up by suspect Benjamin Agordzo yesterday when he made his maiden appearance in court and wish to state that his brief but outlandish remarks when the security operatives allowed him to talk to the media were consistent with populism.

We think that this is not the time for such shows even though we understand how such public theatricals are his attributes.

We have a robust and independent judicial system in the country where the law rules and not arbitrariness. We can assure him that nobody is interested in breaking him down because Ghana has long exited that regimen of previous occupiers of the helm.

His allusion to an attempt to do just that sounds surprising and out of place because we know as much as he does that in Ghana today the abuse of authority is anathema. If that remark sought to present government as out to give him a bad name and hang him, he is dead wrong. The judiciary is now a bastion for arbitrariness and can therefore be relied upon to deliver justice fairly; the rule of law has never been so sturdy and protected.

Those who think like Dr. Agordzo does on matters about law enforcement and the judicial system must rethink their stance if they are not just play-acting.

The law will take its course with no interference from any quarter because that is the order of Ghana today. Let them take heart that we live in a country where our custodial system has no room for prisoners of conscience.

The law of the land is clear about what constitutes treason and how those suspected to have committed it are processed through the judicial system.

Indeed, we have no reason as are other Ghanaians to doubt the integrity of the judicial system. The superior police officer’s family should be calm and count on the quality of our judicial system.

Such populist bluffs like ‘I am as strong as anything’ are unnecessary when the court hearings have not even started and the matter under review is not about David and Goliath.

The rule of law shall surely prevail.