Upwards African Woman Seek Govt Support

A Section participant at the Women Empowerment Seminar in Accra. Insert: Monalisa Okojie, the founder of Upwards African Woman


Founder of Upwards African Woman (UAW), Monalisa Okojie, has appealed to the government and other benevolent organizations for support in equipping more girls with skills acquisition training.

According to Ms. Monalisa, the UAW foundation for the past ten years has provided scholarship programmes to support disadvantaged women in the community with limited access to education. This has provided them with the opportunity to get an education.

“Government and benevolent organizations’ support will come a long way in sponsoring more women to be equipped with technical skills to make a meaningful living,” she said.

She also indicated that “the scholarships are awarded to private institutions in close proximity to their community.” The institutions are carefully researched and selected based on their performance and willingness to support women and children”.

Ms. Monalisa made this statement at the women’s empowerment program held yesterday in Accra.

In an interview with the 2015 beneficiary, Ms. Mavis Otuah, CEO of Mavis Made Collection expressed gratitude to UAW for the scholarship adding, “I met UAW when all hopes were lost. At some point, I thought my life was over, but when they came into the picture they awarded me with the scholarship by paying my tuition fees and all my arrears to see me through my training program. As a result of their support, I am now a boss on my own”.

Ms. Mavis entreated applicants for this year’s scholarship to make efficient use of the opportunities to get trained in the skills of their choice, saying, “opportunities like this come one’s in a life time so utilize it correctly”.


BY Prince Fiifi Yorke