Viral Video: Police Officers Beg Galamsey Boys Over Bribe

Some police officers attached to the Axim District Police in the Western Region have been humilated by suspected illegal miners, commonly called “Galamseyers.”

The Galamseyers humiliated the policemen they accused of collecting bribes from them and attempted to arrest one of them.

The policemen numbering about four were captured in a viral video from a suspected galamsey site where they had gone to demand for money but the exercise backfired with embarrassing outcome.

The suspected galamsey boys subjected them to humiliation with the policemen going on their knees.

Per the video sighted by DGN Online, the aggrieved youth who outnumbered the police personnel who came in a blue police vehicle in a bush, expressed anger over the constant harassment by the officers albeit insatiable demand for bribes.

One of the angry galamsey boys wearing a military camouflage was seen in the video attempting to manhandle an officer byl trying to seize his weapon.

The angry civilian questioned why the officers were trying to extort money from them after they had settled their demands earlier.

The viral video gives insight of familiarity between the police officers and the aggrieved youth who were using motorbike in the bush.

The police officers appeared to have been stopped by these civilians, who seemed to wield so much power and influence.

At a point, one of the hapless police officers started appealing to their conscience by using their relationship as a bargaining chip for them to compromise.

The uniform of one of the police officers was seized and there was also an attempt to seize an assault rifle; that was when a policeman had to kneel before them pleading profusely.

Painfully, several people on social media have reacted to the video by stating their frustration about a police officer bowing and paying the utmost respect to civilians who they were supposed to arrest for their illegal activities.

The video has since caused a stir on social media.

Meanwhile, Ghana Police Service is yet to react to the unfortunate incident.

Watch the videos below:


BY Vincent Kubi