Vodafone Offers Attractive Broadband Deals

Albert Achiaw


As part of its unwavering commitment to providing top-notch Fixed Broadband (FBB) internet service to customers, Vodafone Ghana has launched an exciting new offer for new broadband customers.

The offer empowers new customers to harness the power of ultra-fast and reliable internet with more data, exceptional savings, and a seamless online experience.

Fixed Business Manager at Vodafone Ghana, Albert Achiaw, highlighted the benefits of this new offer.

“This offer gives new customers more data and a fast, reliable internet connection. If they choose a plan worth GHS 300 or more, they’ll get 50% extra data for 30 days. And, if they pay three months upfront, we’ll install the service for free. It’s a great chance to get more value, so I encourage new customers to take up this offer,” he said.

The bonus data will take priority over the core bundle, ensuring that customers enjoy its full benefit.  Mr.  Achiaw also noted that the offer is exclusive to specific plans, and customers on Browser, Streamer, Webmaster, One Family Small, and Non-expiry plans are not eligible.

Also, the bonus data cannot be moved to mobile and does not roll over.