Vodafone Rewards Customer Loyalty

The Vodafone team during one of their visits

Vodafone Ghana has launched an initiative ‘Ashanti Month’ to reward its customers in the Ashanti region.

The event was both a celebration of golf and collaboration between Asanteman and Vodafone Ghana, and also an expression of gratitude for the continued support of Vodafone customers in the region.

Vodafone Ghana is taking the lead as the headline sponsor, at the 66th Golf championship, a highly anticipated event which is set to take center stage in the region.

Vodafone Ghana’s Enterprise Business Unit Director, Tawa Bolarin, who was actively involved in customer visits, remarked, “At Vodafone Ghana, the customer is at the heart of everything we do. We are dedicated to not just providing exceptional services but also to engaging with our customers to understand their unique needs,” he added.

“This enables us to innovate and deliver solutions that truly make a difference in their lives,” he explained.

He further stated that, the innovative solutions of Vodafone have been instrumental in supporting businesses in the Ashanti region and throughout the country.

He believes that the merchant solution, which allows businesses to receive mobile money payment from all customers irrespective of their network, has contribute immensely towards direct revenue growth for businesses across the nation.

Mr. Bolarin emphasized the importance of these products, stating, “These solutions have been invaluable to both SMEs and large enterprises over the years, especially in these challenging times.”

“Vodafone Ghana’s Ashanti Month is a reflection of its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and sustainable development,” he said.

He believes that, through its culture of engagement and feedback, Vodafone will continue to solidify its position as a leader in the telecommunications sector, both within Ashanti and beyond.

By Nafisa Abdul Razak