What Prof. Ahwoi Expunged


Professor Kwamena Ahwoi could have suppressed the urge to author a book about his association with former President Jerry John Rawlings and the negative things arising thereof.

That, of course, would have denied us the morals about how insincerity and selfishness on the part of a junta metamorphosing into a political party can impact negatively on the politico-economic fortunes of a country.

‘Working with Rawlings’ is out and with that development a can of worms has been exposed for public viewing and sadly so.

If the literature was intended to present to us the people of Ghana an angel in the person of Prof. Ahwoi that has not been the case. Answers to the many questions that are emerging from serious minds after reading the book are important in contextualizing the issues about how indecent politics became a feature of this country.

The challenges Ghana is enduring today through the negative activities of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) are traceable to the P(NDC) shenanigans of which the Ahwois cannot be exonerated.

The Prof. must be commended for spilling the beans, as it were, about why we are where we are today, abrasive politics full of lies and corruption, all originating from his role and indeed family.

Isn’t it ironic that the ‘family and friends’ phenomenon perpetuated by the Ahwois did not find space in the publication? Kwamena Ahwoi, Kwesi Ahwoi, Ato Ahwoi and a sister whose name is lost to us belong to the same family and they held sway in the NDC. With their unfettered access to the pie, with the Flt. Lt. having left them to do as they wished, it is a dent on the integrity of the Prof. who has turned round today in a counterproductive bid to paint others in an unappealing colour?

Prof. Ahwoi has missed an opportunity to stand tall as a gentleman, full of honesty and whose role has taken Ghana to greater heights without ‘babies with sharp teeth’ spinning untruths to give politics a bad name.

We are not in any way in support (which we won’t even dare) of any of the people mentioned in the book.

The former Flt. Lt. has promised a response to the segments he finds appalling and if you like tendentious. We are still waiting but when he does perhaps both would be washing an already dirty linen in the public domain ahead of a major election which could define the future of the NDC.

Covering up ‘a vindictive personality’ as he did when he served under Rawlings is enough for Prof. Ahwoi to lose his remaining deference.

Prof. Ahwoi could be sulking over an opportunity or influence lost in the NDC with the demise of Prof. Mills.

The timing of the book speaks volumes and prompting queries about why its release now and not earlier.

The Prof. might be enduring a troubled conscience after plunging Ghana into one with the NDC as one of the political parties, with its negativities nibbling at the fortunes of the country through the ‘sharp-teethed children’ he admitted to have nurtured.

He nurtured the ‘sharp-teethed children’ yesterday but today they would turn round to devour him after doing so to the founder of the junta and the party.