You Will Disappear Like Castro – Obinim Warns Actress

Benedicta Gafah

Ghanaian Christian leader, Bishop Daniel Obinim, known for his extraordinary ability to generate controversy, has said popular Kumasi-based actress Benedicta Gafah would go missing if she dare swims in any water body.

“Maame water needs you and anywhere you swim, you would drown and the water would take you away physically just as we heard that Castro got missing in the water, same thing would happen to you if you dare swim in any water,” Obinim, leader of the International God’s Way Church, told Benedicta the strange prediction when she visited his church.

‘Maame water’ is a popular slang name for a supposed mystical creature which has the head and upper body of a female but the waist and lover body of a fish and believed to live in the sea.

Obinim did not explain why ‘maame water’ wants to take the actress away, but warned her that it is a warning from God to her through him

He also told her, “The Lord has asked me to pray for you. Put yourself in order. You should have gone further in life than where you have reached now. There are some animals chasing you so you have to put yourself in order. God is speaking to me as he if He is standing right beside me and speaking into my ears. Never try to swim in any water.

“God has asked me to liberate you in terms of your marriage, children and finances. Your entire family is relying on you for help and I can see your mother’s ghost crying now and mentioning your name and she is confirming all what I am seeing about you now. So I am praying to cancel whatever demons have planned against your life. After the prayer, the Lord shall show His glory in your life,” Obinim added.

The discourse between the actress and the prophet as well as the prayer which followed was captured on video and has since become an internet sensation.