Xandy Kamel & Ex-Husband Trade Dirty Stuff


Actress, Xandy Kamel, and ex-husband, King Kaninja have been at each other’s throats over what they did wrong and haven’t done during their short period of marriage.

In an interview on the Delay Show, Xandy alleged, among other things that, he cheated, she was the breadwinner of the family, rented their house, and paid all the bills.

She also claimed she had over GH¢30,000 in her account at the time of her wedding, but in two years, she has been reduced to just a little over GH¢100.

Xandy also opened up on the abuse she endured in her marriage which cost her two pregnancies.

“I was still in my wedding gown when marital issues started. People started calling to inform me they had a thing with my husband. The most I’ve been happy in my marriage is 5 minutes. We barely even had sex. I think we made love just about 6 times in our one year of staying together,” Xandy revealed.

In response, Kaninja alleged the marriage failed because Xandy was too focused on her lesbian partners rather than their marriage.
He stated that his ex-wife playing the victim is just a facade to cover up her shame.

Kaninja said Xandy is not marriage material because she could not lay her matrimonial bed or even sweep.

Even common chores at home, he claimed it was Xandy’s mother who was doing it.
Kaninja who had decided not to react said he had been forced to clear his name.

According to him, the reason he has failed to speak up is because he didn’t want to go into mud like his ex-wife is doing.

“The reason I don’t give attention to some of this news is that eagles & pigs are not course mates. Pigs always enjoy playing in the mud so there is no need to follow them there. Once you follow them, you also become dirty like them” he said on social media.

Kaninja said he would be forced to release all the bombshells if Xandy did not cease fire on talking about him.