4 In Critical Condition After Shooting At Songor Lagoon

At least four people are in a critical condition after a shooting incident on Friday at Madagbeh, a community in the Ada West District of the Greater Accra Region.

Motive for shooting is not known but an eyewitness told GNA that one of the “masked macho men in pick-ups, threatened to kill them in the village for killing and dumping their colleague in the bush.”

“Black, white and ash pick-ups came in packed with masked men, shooting anybody they saw in the community. They are all in masks so I can’t Identify them but they looked like land guards or macho men,” he said.

“One of them said we are fools for working against McDan’s takeover of the Songor Lagoon,” Madam Ohui told GNA

The Assembly member for the area, James Tsiani Gadugah, told the GNA that about 10 people were shot at, leaving four of them critically injured.

“We have sent all the wounded to the hospital for treatment,” he said.

He told the GNA that the Police in the area have never asked him about any missing person and added that, “there was not any proper consultation on the Songor issue and if things will go on this way, it will be very tough for us all”.

The Ada Police have declined to comment.