4 More Arrested Over Train Accident


In a latest development in the recent train accident at Abotia in the Volta Region, four more persons have been remanded into custody by the Accra High Court for their alleged role in the incident.

The four individuals – Kokou Koudjo, Patrick Kwaka Sosu, Alaza Prosper, and Fiadugbe Emmanuel – have been charged with abetment of crime to wit unlawful damage.
The train accident occurred on April 18, 2024, during a test run of the new Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) 001 Train from Tema to Mpakadan.

According to the facts presented, the accused persons were previously involved in using a truck to transport cement blocks from a factory in Juapong to Abotia, crossing the railway lines through an underpass. On the day of the accident, they decided to avoid the underpass and instead attempted to cross the railway lines directly, despite knowing it was inaccessible to vehicles.

The prosecution stated that the accused persons placed stones on the railway tracks in an effort to create a path for the truck to cross over.
After several unsuccessful attempts to move the truck, they tilted the head of the vehicle and left the scene without providing any warning for oncoming trains.

Investigations have revealed that there is no access route across the railway tracks to the Juapong road, and even if the truck had successfully crossed the railway, a big gutter and a stream would have still prevented the accused persons from reaching the intended road.

The driver of the truck involved in the incident has already been sentenced to six months in prison.

The new developments in this case highlight the importance of adhering to safety protocols and the consequences of reckless behavior near railway infrastructure. The Accra High Court’s decision to remand the four suspects into custody underscores the gravity of the situation and the authorities’ commitment to addressing this incident thoroughly.

By Vincent Kubi