40 Acquire Makeup Skills

The graduates in a group photograph


Forty staff of Marie Noelle Spa who underwent a comprehensive three-month training program in competency based training in permanent makeup, business management and digital skills, have graduated at a ceremony held at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel in Accra.

The CEO of Marie Noelle Spa, Marie Noelle Yakubu, referred to the occasion as a milestone success because it marked the end of a journey to provide her workers with the most up-to-date information and skills necessary to succeed in Ghana’s beauty and wellness sector.

The training programme, which is supported by the Ghana Skills Development Fund (GSDF), was created as a result of Marie Noelle Spa and Salon management’s dedication to staff development and ongoing enhancement.

The salon collaborated with the esteemed Arts and Skills Technology Institute (ASTI) to create a customised training curriculum after identifying skill gaps in digital integration, business acumen, and technical proficiency.

CEO of Marie Noelle Spa and Salon, Marie Noelle Yakubu, stated, “Our goal was to empower our staff with the tools and knowledge they need to not only provide exceptional service but also contribute to the salon’s growth and success.

“We are grateful to the GSDF for their support and to ASTI for their expertise in delivering this invaluable training,” she stated.

President of the ASTI, Rebecca Donkor, on her part mentioned that the goal of the skills training programme is to empower people, especially women and young people to create jobs and boost the economy rather than just transferring knowledge.

She praised the GSDF for continuing to support training initiatives like the digital skills for business management, which help training institutions all throughout the nation to prosper and make a difference.

The intensive training programme covered a wide range of topics, including permanent makeup, theory, and practical sessions that delved into various aspects such as brow techniques, lip liner, lash techniques, among others.

In addition to helping the salon and its employees, the initiative advances Ghana’s larger objective of developing a workforce that is both competitive and skilled.

The graduates of Marie Noelle Spa and Salon are now qualified to contribute significantly to the salon’s future success thanks to their newly acquired abilities and expertise.