5 Pro-Russian Wagner Leaders Arrested In Ghana


In a surprising turn of events, five Ghanaians who are believed to be leading a group linked to the notorious Russian mercenary, Wagner have been arrested by the police at Diabene in the Western Region of Ghana.

Earlier, police arrested three suspects, who have been identified as Michael Asiedu, Ernest Asiedu, and Evans.

They were apprehended after they organized some young people to stage a demonstration to announce their presence in the community.

Two suspects were later arrested in connection with the move.

The suspects are unemployed and are said to have shown off luxurious lifestyles, leading to suspicions from locals.

They were granted bail after being paraded before the Takoradi Harbour Circuit Court.

Contact was initially established with Michael Asiedu via a Facebook page that publishes pro-Russia content.

It is believed that there have been some wired transfers to the accounts of the suspects which were used for the demonstration.

The suspects have also been influenced to recruit more youth onboard. Although they have printed T-shirts with the inscription ‘PMC WGNER GROUP,’ they were arrested before their protest in support of Russia took place.

By Vincent Kubi