‘80% Of 2021 Green Ghana Trees Survive’


Samuel Abdulai Jinapor

MINISTER OF Lands and Natural Resources, Samuel Abdulai Jinapor, has stated that field monitoring assessment conducted by the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) and the Forestry Commission, indicate that about 80% of the over seven (7) million trees planted across the country in 2021 have survived, and are doing very well.

He said the Forestry Commission (FC) produced a total of 1.010 million seedlings from the nurseries of the Forest Services Division, and 600,000 seedlings were received in the form of donations.

The minister told Parliament yesterday that “since the target was to plant a minimum of five million trees, the Commission had to purchase additional seedlings to ensure the availability of seedlings for planting.”

Mr. Jinapor said a total of 5,408,534 seedlings were procured at a cost of GH₵12,796,615, adding that 190,099 quantities of cashew seedlings at the cost of GH₵950,495.00 were procured for the year under review.

He indicated that 76,136 quantities of mango trees at the cost of GH₵380,680.00; 108,085 quantities of coconut seedlings at the cost of GH₵540,425.00; and 901 quantities of avocado at the cost of GH₵4,505.00 were procured for the exercise.

He added that 18,147 quantities of citrus seedlings at the cost of GH₵90,735.00; 60,000 quantities of bamboo seedlings at the cost of GH₵3 million as well as 1,000 quantities of shea seedlings at the cost of GH₵5,000 were among various seedlings procured and planted during the exercise.

The minister disclosed that an unaudited account shows that the Forestry Commission spent some GH₵2 million on production of their seedlings and the mobilisation and distribution of the seven million seedlings across the country.

He said GH₵5,219,775.75 was spent on operations and logistics, including the planning and organisation of the Green Ghana launch and the Green Ghana Day.

“Mr. Speaker, at the appropriate time, the state agencies responsible for auditing accounts will undertake their work, and as required by law, the audited accounts will be made available to this august House,” he stated.

He asked MPs not to lose sight of the importance of the project, which forms a major part of the fight against climate change, and its debilitating consequences on lives and livelihood, including perennial floods and droughts. “We must all, therefore, support this initiative, continue to plant trees, and nurture them to maturity,” he added.


By Ernest Kofi Adu, Parliament House