African Showboyz Gear Up For Int. Tour

African Showboyz        

They exude amazing energy and dexterity on stage, which have made them well-loved at festivals and other cultural events around the world, and the African Showboyz are ready to set off on another round of international performances this year.

At their current base at Sege in the Ada West District, the Showboyz have over the past few weeks been busy rehearsing for what they expect to be a hectic tour to once again show off their fascinating mix of music, dance and acrobatics.

The band has in the past toured places such as USA, Australia, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Switzerland, Thailand, Togo, Japan, Benin, Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon, Niger, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Libya and Cote d’ Ivoire.

They have also shared stage with prominent internationally-acclaimed performers like Stevie Wonder, Femi Kuti, Steel Pulse, Arrested Development, Mickey Hart Band, Freddie Meiway,  Ras Kimono, Eek A Mouse and Burning Spear.

The African Showboyz is made up of   Napoleon, Joseph, Moses, Isaac, Francis, and Joe Sabbah, all brothers from Binaba, near Zebilla in the North East Region of Ghana.

“We are known better outside Ghana than in Ghana because we are often on the move it. Everywhere we go, we do our best to sell Ghana to audiences and they often appreciate the splendid stuff we have on offer,” said Napoleon Sabbah.

With rhythms from their home region often as the basis for their music, the Showboyz embellish their stage performances with influences from across the whole of Ghana and beyond.

They are a delight to watch and their percussion and string-based music easily pulls audiences to dance. The Showboyz often sing in French, English, Ga, Twi, Kusasi, Dagomba and Frafra.

Their last album release, ‘Celebrate’, contains eight songs with flavours designed to appeal to a wide section of music lovers.

“We still possess the vim to delight audiences and we will soon embark on a voyage to thrill parts of the world with our infections presentations,” Napoleon disclosed.

By George Clifford Owusu