Amanase Residents Chase Govt Over U-Turn


Some of the demonstrators

OPINION LEADERS at Amanase, Homeso, Atakra, and Apeatu farming communities, along the Accra-Kumasi Highway in the Eastern Region, are up in arms against the Ghana Highways Authority over the refusal to plan for a footbridge and U-turn within Amanase to Apeatu stretch on the highway.

According to them, the lack of U-turns and pedestrian footbridges has become a death trap and a burden to drivers and residents, yet the Ghana Highways Authority has made no effort to address the situation.

The agitated residents noted that the only U-turn provided is the 5-kilometre way that makes it difficult for drivers to comply, hence using unapproved lanes to join the highway.

Due to that, some of the opinion leaders and businessmen operating along the highway over the weekend mobilised the youth and stormed the offices of the company that was working on the N6 Highway at Asuboi over the lack of U-turns and footbridges in the communities.

They said the situation worsens whenever they have a health emergency to send pregnant women in labour or critically ill patients to the clinic in the area.

The leaders of the affected communities presented a petition to the construction company and copied the same to Ghana Highways Authority and Ayensuano District Assembly.

The petitioners made the following demands in the petition with four working day ultimatum to receive a favourable reply: Construction of a U-turn within the four communities, footbridge, and auxiliary roads in the communities.

They threatened massive demonstrations if their demands are ignored.

Ernest Akuffo, the owner of Rodo Oil Filling Station, along the stretch of the Amanase highway, expressed his frustrations and concerns that the situation has caused a lot of people to lose their lives due to the nature of the highway.

He added that vehicles transporting pregnant women and sick persons in emergencies find it difficult to arrive at the Amanase clinic as quickly as possible since there are no U-turns on the roads, and as such no footbridges to walk them over.


BY Daniel Bampoe