American Radio & TV Personality Bemoans Poor Hospitality Services In Ghana


American radio host and television personality, Lenard Larry McKelvey, popularly known as Charlamagne has expressed dissatisfaction with Ghana’s hospitality sector.

Accordin g to him, the sector’s services are very terrible, indicating when he visited Ghana his only major challenge was dealing with the poor services rendered to him by the sector.

This he noted included waiting for hours for foods he ordered for. Beyond that, he said he enjoyed his stay in Ghana.

Charlamagne made this known while speaking on the Brilliant Idiots comedic podcast with Andrew Schulz.

“Let me tell you something about service in Ghana, it is the nicest most terrible service you will ever receive. The service is terrible but they are so nice about it that you can’t even be mad,” he started.

He believed that the hospitality industry’s subpar service may be a contributing factor to some of the country’s economic issues.

According to Charlamagne, he overheard Ghanaians complaining about the subpar service and pleading for an improvement when he was there.
“Other than that it was an incredible experience and I think that everybody should go, whether you are black or white,” he added.