AMSOL Group Launches Bunker Tanker At Tema Port

Dignitaries at the renaming ceremony at the Tema Port


AMSOL Group, a leading specialist marine solutions provider with a Ghanaian base, achieved a remarkable milestone on Tuesday with the launch of a bunker tanker at the Tema Port.

The christening of the vessel, named Densu River is said to holds symbolic importance, showcasing AMSOL’s commitment to supporting the growth and development of Ghana’s maritime sector while paying homage to the country’s rich heritage.
The Densu River, spanning over 2400 square kilometers and serving communities across the Greater Accra, Eastern, and Central Regions of Ghana, holds not only ecological significance as a vital water source but also embodies cultural and historical value.

In recent years, AMSOL in Ghana has played a crucial role in the country’s maritime activities, including delivering marine fuel to international oil companies and fishing industry clients off Tema on behalf of the Ghana Oil Company (GOIL).

The renaming of the vessel to ‘Densu River’, after a drydock project in Tema, further underscores AMSOL’s commitment to local empowerment and indigenization efforts within the maritime sector.

CEO of AMSOL Ghana, Kojo Quainoo, expressed his pride and optimism about the renaming of the vessel, emphasizing its alignment with Ghana’s maritime future and reflecting the company’s deep-rooted ties to the local economy, saying that the majority Ghanaian crew onboard the bunker tanker serves as a testament to AMSOL’s commitment to enhancing local capacity building and contributing to economic prosperity in the region.

He explained that the renaming of the tanker symbolises a significant milestone in the
company’s history, stating that “By naming the vessel ‘Densu River,’ we not only embrace its local identity but also its promising future in Ghanaian

He expressed profound pride and enthusiasm as he shed light on the company’s dedication to excellence and innovation that culminated in this groundbreaking achievement.

Describing the moment as not just a corporate triumph but also a proud moment for Ghana,

Mr. Quainoo highlighted the strategic vision of AMSOL Ghana in providing specialized marine solutions tailored to meet client needs while managing operational risks effectively.

Looking ahead with optimism and ambition, Mr. Quainoo revealed plans for another bunker tanker in the near future, affirming AMSOL’s commitment to continuous expansion and innovation in meeting evolving industry demands.

Addressing the challenges facing the bunkery market in Ghana, Mr. Quainoo acknowledged the regulatory constraints, particularly tariff-related issues impeding industry growth.

While commending recent legislative efforts such as the passage of the cabotage law aimed at stimulating the economy, he stressed the importance of addressing tariff obstacles to unlock the full potential of the bunkering sector and enhance Ghana’s competitive standing in the regional market.

Speaking also at the event, Managing Director of GOIL, Kwame Osei-Prempeh, highlighted that the naming of the vessel further solidified relations between AMSOL Ghana and GOIL as the bunker tanker will improve GOIL’s operations.

South African High Commissioner to Ghana, Grace Jeanet Mason, praised AMSOL Ghana’s achievement, highlighting its significance not only for the country but for Africa as a whole.

He stated that the partnership between Ghana and South Africa, showcased through AMSOL’s initiatives, underscores a shared commitment to driving economic growth, innovation, and sustainable development in the maritime sector.

Looking ahead, AMSOL’s strategic vision emphasizes bolstering local content, fostering partnerships, and delivering value-driven marine solutions to meet evolving industry demands.

By Vincent Kubi