Arrest This Man Now!


It behooves the leadership of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) at the national level to dissociate the party from the bloodletting utterances of a man who claims to be the Youth Organiser of the party in Suame in Kumasi.

The sabre-rattling by the irresponsible man demands immediate action from the law enforcement department in the Ashanti Region. Although a statement from the police points ostensibly at efforts being made to apprehend him, this, we demand, be done with dispatch. We, for instance, do not know what informed the leakage from his political grouping. He could have inadvertently leaked the classified information from the party headquarters out of excitement.

Ghana, in 2023, has grown past that age when such irresponsible utterances and actions should be countenanced.

For many who listened to the video, their conclusion is that the utterances represent what the NDC as a party plans doing during the country’s next general elections.

For a political grouping associated with violence especially, having been born out of that attribute, the apprehension in many who have listened to the garbage, there can be nothing more irresponsible from the lips of a man who claims to be a youth organiser.

Sadly, some days have elapsed since the nonsense was uttered and nothing by way of condemnation or dissociation has emanated from the NDC leadership both at constituency and national levels.

Are we to believe that indeed the scary utterances originating from the lips of the party man represent a 2024 project?

Under the circumstances, we are unable to say the NDC leadership has nothing to do with the man’s words.

For the avoidance of doubt, we wish to state here and now that Ghanaians cherish the peace they are blessed with. In order to continue relishing this God-bestowed blessing, they will fight tooth and nail to preserve it.

For a man claiming to be an office holder of a leading opposition party in the country, we think and rightly so that, apprehending the criminal-minded man should not be a problem for the regional police command if they want to do so.

The command should not let us think that the man is beyond arrest. Unless he lied about his ranking in the NDC in Suame which we doubt anyway, we await announcement about his arrest and questioning.

There is no doubt that the NDC is planning evil for this country. It is left to Ghanaians to be watchful about the opposition party whose future plans are anything but in the interest of this great country we call home.