Assin North By-Election: The Facts Against The Falsehoods


The intransigence of one person backed by the NDC that has over 30 years demonstrated consistency by being inconsistent has brought us to this avoidable by-election in Assin North in the Central Region.

It is sad that although Gyakye Quayson knew that he was not qualified to contest the election in 2020, he boldly did so because the apostles of probity will try to bury the cork under the water although they know the truth stands.

Born out of a revolution when the rule of law was crucified, the NDC under its leaders especially under John Dramani Mahama believe they can continue to deceive the people all the time.

If that were not the case, how come someone they disqualified in 2012 and 2016 become their darling boy today who suddenly has developed virtues that cannot be found in Assin North?

Presently the NDC has mounted propaganda and misinformation to deceive the good people of Assin North that Gyakye Quayson is being persecuted when John Mahama and his collaborators in the media, academia and civil society groups know that their candidate blatantly flouted the electoral laws and for which there is a price he must pay.

Suddenly precedent does not matter to them as they don’t want to be reminded of the Adamu Sakande case, and when the issues become too obvious to them, they claim the two cases are not the same. The same people who have mounted a spirited defence of Gyakye Quayson are reading all documents to have opportunity for equalisation.

Just last week and a week before, two leading members of the NDC claimed that two important personalities in the NPP held dual citizenship. First was the joke of the century made by the joker Sam Pee Yalley that the Vice President was a British citizen, and the latest coming from comedian Victor Smith that the Nsuta Kwamang Beposo MP also never renounced her US citizenship before contesting the 2020 election.

Why the NDC will always want to lie to gain political advantage beats common logic and difficult to understand. So they go into the Assin North by-election with lies taking the people of Assin North for granted. What sympathy votes are they looking for when it is clear that Gyakye Quayson’s woes are self-inflicted because the laws of the land caught him and the judges spoke loud and clear that our Parliament is a house of honour and not a place for liars.

If John Mahama and his NDC have any cogent reasons why the Assin North electorate should vote again for Gyakye Quayson, they should say so because the misinformation will not help him. Gyakye Quayson is on the verge of a double jeopardy.

The tendency to lie is in the genes of the NDC, and they are pathological liars who have no sense of shame, assassinating the characters otherwise decent people.

John Mahama has said that as far as politics is concerned, one is allowed some truth and lies. We should not be surprised about the lies John Mahama and his NDC are up to in Assin North; claiming Nana Akufo-Addo wants Gyakye Quayson out of the way so he could get the numbers in Parliament reject the anti-gay bill and impose more taxes on the people. Thus, John Mahama spares no one he perceives to be standing in the way of Gyakye Quayson to return to Parliament, claiming the NPP has manipulated the judiciary to its advantage. John Mahama knows that the NDC has no argument to convince the people of Assin North to give power to Gyakye Quayson to represent them.

The people need a more credible person to represent them instead of voting for someone who after spending over 40 years in Canada without any trace of support for the people he wants to deceive them for their votes so that he will get the chance for ex gratia in Ghana.

Gyakye Quayson is a failure and the people of Assin North deserves a development-oriented person who can spearhead the progress of Assin North. Charles Opoku, the NPP candidate has demonstrated his love for the people by using his personal resources to embark on development projects in the area. Between the two persons, Charles Opoku stands tall and in a better position to lead them to the Promised Land.

We urge the people of Assin North to separate the chaff from the pseudo personality who weeps to gain a non-existent sympathy. Assin North you are more discerning to reject Gyakye Quayson for the more progressive home boy Charles Opoku. Now is the hour for Assin North decide for their forward match as a vote for Gyakye Quayson will be a return to underdevelopment in Assin North.

The NDC is all over the place accusing the NPP of trying to rig the election and vote buying whereas the NDC is sharing all kinds of goodies. For the NDC, their case is like the pot calling the kettle black.

This trick of the NDC to shout fire in a crowded place when there is none will consume Mahama and his likes.