Ato Forson Takes On ‘Traitor’ NDC MPs Over Ministers’ Approval

Cassiel Ato Forson

Minority Leader in Parliament, Ato Cassiel Forson is gnashing his teeth joining the NDC sympathizers’ disapproval of the new ministers appointed by President Akufo-Addo.

Ato Forson who deposed Haruna Iddrisu as Minority Leader said he is very much disappointed in his colleague’s MPs for voting for the presidential nominees.

The Minority caucus in Parliament earlier insisted it will not approve the ministers in line with a directive from the leadership of the National Democratic Congress.

But after a secret vote, all the nominees were approved despite the absence of three MPs from the majority side in Parliament.

The outcome of the vote indicates several members of the Minority voted for the approval of the ministerial nominees.

However, the NDC Members who weren’t happy with their MPs took them to the cleaners on social media and blasted them.

The former President, John Mahama also in a post said, he is very disappointed in the NDC MPs for sacrificing their parochial and personal interest to vote against the principled position adopted by the party.

According to him, “Those responsible for this betrayal must do some serious soul searching and learn to place national interest over personal interest”.

But, in a smart move to defend the matter, Ato Forson in a post on his Facebook page, said “To say I am profoundly disappointed with the outcome of yesterday’s proceedings is an understatement. While it is true that we did not achieve the desired reduction in the number of ministers under this government, I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the over 100 NDC MPs who worked tirelessly to represent the will of the majority of the Ghanaian people”.

He explained that “These MPs have demonstrated their unwavering commitment to the betterment of our society. Their tireless efforts to push for a reduction in the number of ministers are a testament to their dedication to our shared cause”.

“While the outcome may not have been what we had hoped for, I believe we can still work together to achieve our goals. I remain hopeful that, by continuing to engage in constructive dialogue and collaboration, we can find a way forward that benefits all Ghanaians,” he added.

“Once again, I want to express my disappointment, but I am also grateful for the efforts of those who worked to represent our collective vision for a better Ghana. Let us continue to strive toward a brighter future,” he concluded.

The Speaker of Parliament, Alban S.K. Bagbin announcing the results mentioned that “Honourable Members, at long last collation of votes, has ended. Of the register of 275 eligible voters, 3 voters were absent so 272 did exercise their franchise”.

BY Daniel Bampoe