Bawku Pilgrims In Joint Prayers For Peace In Mecca

Representatives of the three feuding ethnic groups in Mecca. INSET: Two of them in an embrace

Three members of the feuding ethnic groupings in Bawku, part of the Ghanaian pilgrims in Saudi Arabia, held a joint recitation of the Holy Quran in Mecca for the restoration of peace in the restive town.

The trio, a Kusasi, Mamprusi and Busanga, including the DCE for Bawku West or Zebilla, all organised a Quranic recitation and called on their people at home to bury the hatchet because only peace can ensure development and prosperity.

An audio of the poignant enactment was first played on Kumasi community radio station, Alpha Radio, followed by Marhaba FM and relayed by their affiliate station in Bawku. The poignancy of the impact of the audio was evidenced by the many calls of gratitude received by Alhaji Baba Sheriff Abdullahi, CEO of Marhaba Media Company for the gesture. Similar calls were received by Sheikh Mohammed Ridwan Kudibawasaba, CEO of Alpha Radio in Kumasi, who first played the audio.

The man who reported the development to Alpha Radio was a popular man in the Zongo community in Kumasi, Haruna aka Shehun Zaamani, who opened the report with the following “representatives of Kusasis, Mamprusis and Busangas have come together to read the Holy Quran towards the restoration of peace in the restive town of Bawku.”

Speaking to his people from Mecca, one of the pilgrims, a Kusasi man from Pusiga said, “We thank God for this moment. Mamprusis and Kusasis are engaged in a joint recitation of the Holy Quran towards the restoration of peace in Bawku. Let us pray against Satan so that peace would be restored in Bawku. I can call on all Kusasis and Mamprusis to join hands for peace. I pray for Sheikh IC Quaye and the Hajj Board for granting us a wonderful Hajj.”

Alhaji Sulemana, a footballer of Bawku, a Mamprusi said, “I am a Mamprusi and happy that we are here praying for the restoration of peace in Bawku. Without peace there is no town, there would be no schooling for our children, no development. Let us fear God and ensure that peace prevails. It is improper to organise a Quranic recitation only to return to the bad old ways. Let us talk to each other and work towards peace. Let us fear God and be reminded about the portion of the Quran where we are being told to avoid conflicts because of the negativities which follow it. If after reciting the Holy Quran we return to the old ways God will punish us.”

On his part, the DCE for Bawku West or Zebilla, Tahiru Issahaku Ahmed said, “We are here for spiritual renewal. We have gathered to recite the Holy Quran. We shall get closer to the Kaaba and read the Holy Scriptures for peace to reign in Bawku.”

By A.R. Gomda