‘Being Female Secular Artiste Is Challenging’


Ghanaian female vocalist, Abiana, has opined that it is much more difficult being a female secular artiste than a gospel musician.

This, she said, was backed by the huge number of female gospel artistes in comparison with the low number of female artistes doing secular music.

In an interview with GNA Entertainment, Abiana stated that one needed to be mentally tough to pursue a career in secular music, which was why many female artistes chose the gospel route.

“Even though it is a matter of preference when it comes to choosing a music genre, there are more women doing gospel music in comparison with the low numbers doing secular music.

“Truth be told, it is not easy doing secular music, and I think the difficulties in the industry have deterred many talented female musicians from pursuing a career in secular music. You need to be mentally strong as a woman if you want to do secular music,” she stated.

Despite the difficulties associated with being a secular artiste, Abiana further stated her determination to push the highlife agenda because it forms a major part of our music heritage.

“Highlife is our identity, and our forefathers thrived in the highlife genre, so it is imperative for the younger music generation to sustain it, so that the future can have a feel of our music,” she said.

Abiana is currently promoting her new single ‘Far Away,’ which features award-winning Ghanaian songwriter Fameye.