Blemishes On Beautiful Roads


As we celebrate the wonderful road infrastructure constructed between Amasaman, Pokuase, Ofankor to Achimota and commend government for the intervention, we have a worrying observation to make.

With the raining season beckoning, the signs on some portions of the road being referenced are disturbing.

The few downpours which were recorded in the past few weeks have showed pockets of standing water. Some of the pools of water took over one and in some instances two lanes of the tri-carriageway.

The picture posted in such situations is that inconveniencing traffic jams as motorists try to manouvre their way out of the threatening pools of water.

We are not engineers but can state that upon the completion of such multi-million dollar projects, the drainage serving them should be put to flood integrity test.

It is inconceivable that after pumping in so much money into a project this big, it is unable to withstand a major downpour as we have them during the raining season.

Even as the test was not administered, we expect that the unacceptable aftermath of deluges on some portions of the road under review should be seen by those in charge at the Highway Department or when reports are lodged with them.

Until something is done about the situation which triggered this commentary and given the reality of the approaching rains, the portions of the roads under review would be terrible for motorists.

As for the ensuing traffic jams, the inconveniences they would spawn can only be conjectured especially during rush hours on raining days.

It would look like the current engineering challenge which results in the collection of water on some portions of the road has been overlooked.

The lifespan of the roads would be affected drastically when pools of water collect on them as we are observing.

Even as the Engineering Council of Ghana looks into the causes of collapsing houses in the country, let them also take another look at the blemishes on some of the star road projects in Accra, especially the road exiting the Pokuase interchange towards Achimota and even at the Ofankor exit to the right.

Those who are put in charge of projects should complete their tasks which should include certifying the quality of what has been executed.

It is not too late to examine the challenge being referred to because the raining season is only beckoning and is yet to start let alone peak.

We also plead with the authorities to expedite action on the base of the interchange. The current state would be unbearable for motorists when the rains are in full flight.