Bolin Lana Installed Dagbon Regent

Bolin Lana

The Bolin-Lana Mahamadu Abdulai, regent of the Abudu Family, has been installed as the regent of Dagbon in accordance with Dagbon tradition as far as the funeral of the late overlord of Dagbon, Mahamadu Abdulai IV, is concerned.

The Bolin Lana was installed regent of Dagbon by the leaders of the Abudu Royal Family at Yendi.

The Northern Regional Security Council (REGSEC), led by Salifu Saeed, handed over the keys to the reconstructed Gbewaa Palace to the royal to perform the final funeral rites of the late overlord.

The minister assured members of the Abudu Family of maximum protection throughout the two-week period.

Residents of Yendi, especially those from the Abudu Royal Family, expressed joy about the installment of Bolin-Lana Mahamadu Abdulai, as well as the holding of the funeral.

The National Security Minister, Albert Kan-Dapaah and some bigwigs of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), attended the event in the Yendi Municipality.

Mr. Saeed warned residents not to cause any problems during the funeral, adding that the security agencies would deal severely with any troublemaker in the area.

“Let us all respect the rules of the game because there will be more security personnel at Yendi, but they will be there for the troublemakers.”
Mr. Saeed presented the keys to Mba Dugu, who represents the head of the Abudus, at the forecourt of the palace.
On the part of the Abudu Family, Alhaji Sulemana Saaka, Nanton Gban-lana, assured REGSEC that the family would abide by the roadmap to peace.
“We wouldn’t want anybody to say that we have come in to spoil anything.”

He, however, warned the youth of the Abudu Family not to carry weapons during the funeral.

On 15th December, 2018, chiefs and regents would visit the area and sacrifices would be offered to the local deities amidst the firing of musketry, drumming and dancing until 18th December, 2018.

On 19th December, 2018, there would be memorial lectures on the history of Dagbon after which the drumming and dancing would continue until 21st December, 2018.

The youth would pay homage to the chiefs and regents from 22-26 December, 2018.

The funeral would be climaxed with Logri Bob’bu and Islamic prayer by the Abudu Royal Family at Yendi.

Visitors have started trooping to the area to take part in the funerals of the two overlords which have delayed for several years.

Meanwhile, several military and police personnel have been deployed to the Yendi Municipality to beef up security in the area.

From Eric Kombat, Yendi