Boost Distributors Partners SMEs

Stephen Apeaning Abu Jnr


Boost Distributors, a subsidiary of Boost Africa Capital has partnered with Small and Medium Enterprises, (SMEs) in the manufacturing sector to enhance efficiency and productivity.

The partnership between Boost and the SMEs is to manage the distribution of products and assist with production planning and inventory management.

Speaking to the media, Boost Distributors CEO, Stephen Apeaning Abu Jnr. noted that the country needs to manufacture its goods and become less dependent on imports.

“We realize that most Ghanaian manufacturers struggle to get their products at the malls in the capital, which over the years have affected their businesses.

Many SMEs are working tirelessly to manufacture innovative products hoping that big shops will stock their products in Ghana and external markets across the continent, “he added.

He added that Boost Distributors assists the SMEs in the expansion of their business by integrating their goods into the value chain of corporate businesses to enhance productivity.

Mr. Apeaning also emphasized that“Boost Distributors will make it easy for them

to stock more high-quality made-in-Ghana products in the malls by aggregating these companies into one place for purchasing and distributing giving them competitive prices for higher product margin with less hassle.

“The company currently working with 15 SMEs who are currently supplying their products to the mall in the capitals and are calling on interested persons to come on board to partner boost in this regard” he posited

By Prince Fiifi Yorke