BOST Depot Centers Lack CCTV Cameras

IT has emerged that the six BOST Depots across its centres have no security surveillance unit, as well as its CCTV Cameras, installed in some depots, are not functioning.

Due to that, all the depots rely on a manual process in measuring stock levels in the respective tanks instead of automating the gauging system.

The revelation is highlighted in the 2020 Auditor-General’s Report on the audit of statutory boards and corporations.

At the Akosombo Depot, the report said ‘’We noted that barges 1 and 2 at Akosombo depot have been decommissioned for maintenance since June 2013. Management is encouraged to pursue the maintenance of the two (2) barges to further enhance the strategic agenda of products reserves countrywide’’.

Additionally ‘’A visit to the Akosombo depot disclosed that the facility did not have discharge meters installed to efficiently measure the products discharged for onward distribution to Buipe depot. We recommended to Management to consider the installation of the meters at the discharge point to receive and measure products efficiently’’.

The report then recommended that the Management should review and factor the setting up of the security surveillance unit at the depots to enhance the overall security of the facilities, and also the acquisition and automation of the Tank Gauging System with related accessories as part of the depot upgrades to facilitate efficient stocktaking.

The report also stated that the variation of GH¢1,291,613.00 on the Bolgatanga BRV car park was not approved by the Entity Tender Committee (ETC) and without formal contract amendments or addendum.

It was established that the BOST Management did not enter into a contract agreement with 3 service providers despite their engagement with the company for the supply of services to the tune of GH¢1,207,991.62 and US$642,946.67.

‘’We recommended that Management should formalize the contract with these service providers and make available the contract documents for our review’’ the report added.

The Management also could not readily make available three Title Deeds covering BOST landed properties.

Also, ‘’We noted from our visit to Savelugu that ‘test boxes’ installed on the Buipe-Bolgatanga Petroleum product pipelines (B2P3) were said to be stolen or removed. We urged Management to resource the depot to enable them to clear the ROW and replace the missing heads and the stolen test boxes’’.

The report said ‘’Our visit and review of reports indicated that Savelugu depot has not transferred product as a booster station from November 2016 till date. As a result, PMS Products had been held in the pipelines for the period. We recommended to Management to make the Bolgatanga Depot operational to enable the product to be pushed’’.

BY Daniel Bampoe

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