Celebrity Host South African Freedom Golf

Lulama-Xingwana, South African High Commissioner

Over 100 golfers from various golf clubs across the country are gearing up to compete in this year’s South African Freedom Day Golf tournament which comes off at the Celebrity Golf Club, Sakumono, tomorrow.

Organised by Global Media Alliance, in collaboration with the South African High Commission, this is the sixth edition of the prestigious event in Ghana which seeks to commemorate the day South Africans gained freedom from oppression 25 years ago.

Golfers from Celebrity Golf Club, Achimota Golf Club, Kumasi Golf Club and a host of other clubs are preparing to display their dexterity and love for the game in the golf challenge.

The golfers and their families, as well as corporate Ghana will converge to have fun, network and share ideas to mark the celebrations on the day. There will also be an exhibition from companies to showcase South African culture.

Winners of the various categories will be awarded with trophies, souvenirs and vouchers from sponsors, airtime from YFM, Happy FM and e.TV Ghana.

Freedom Day is an annual celebration of South Africa’s first non-racial democratic elections of 1994. It is a remarkable day in the history of South Africa and Africa. The golf tournament, therefore, serves as a good platform for South Africans and Ghanaians to engage one another.

From The Sports Desk