Charlie Dior Fires Hilda Baci


US-based Ghanaian fashion critic, Charlie Dior, has criticised Hilda Baci, a former holder of Guinness World Record, for her comments regarding the Ghanaian vs. Nigerian jollof argument.

In reference to Ghanaian jollof’s lack of flavour and the superiority of Nigerian jollof, Hilda Baci stated in the most recent episode of the ‘90s Baby Show’ that she has tasted both types of jollof and could attest to the superiority of Nigerian jollof.

“I’ve been to Ghana and I’ve eaten their jollof. I’ve done a jollof competition with a Ghanaian chef who made his best representation of Ghanaian jollof, and I’ve seen the recipes. But with Nigerian jollof, Nigerians don’t play with flavour,” she added.

Charlie Dior, on the other hand, disagreed with what he referred as ‘sarcastic’ comment from Hilda Baci which undermine the culinary skills of Ghanaians.

In a post on his Instagram story, the outspoken fashion critic wrote, “You stood there for hours and made those nasty-looking meals. Have several seats! Hibachi or Hilda or whatever your name is, cooking for hours doesn’t mean you know how to cook. Pipe down.”

Hilda Baci, following her comments, has been under severe scrutiny and criticism, with most Ghanaians on social media calling on her to render an apology.

BY Prince Fiifi Yorke