Chartered Institute Of Realtors To Be Launched On August 30


The Chartered Institute of Realtors (CIR) is set to be launched in Ghana on the 30th of August 2023 at 10am. Africa Trade House, headquarters of the secretariat of the Continental African Free Trade Area, located in Accra, the Ambassador’s enclave, will be the venue of the launch.

The event is strictly by official invitation and is set to draw the attendance of dignitaries from the Highest office of the land, members of the diplomatic corps, other state personalities, and key stakeholders that include real estate developers both local and international, suppliers, construction firms, investors, and major banks within the real estate industry.

The Institute is being established to offer opportunities for sharpening the knowledge, skills, standards, and experiences of practitioners in the real estate industry to meet global standards. Real Estate in Africa is a rapidly growing industry with many opportunities for investment. This growth rate is driven mainly by urbanization, population growth, and increased foreign investment. All around the world, specifically the economically advanced countries, real estate has been a driving force in their development agenda and has provided jobs for several thousands of people with diverse skill sets and backgrounds. Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Barcelona, and New York, to mention just a few are famed for their architectural prowess and have become some of the world’s most visited destinations thanks to Real Estate. Africa has not been left behind with all these developments happening around it. From its blurry past, it can be said that the future of Africa looks promising with the involvement of the government in providing housing for its citizens, particularly the low-income sector of society to alleviate the burden of shelter as a basic need.

The fast-growing rate of the industry worldwide has therefore made it quintessential that players, both potential and major be sharpened with the requisite tools that help improve the activities within the industry globally.

As part of the vision and mission of the launch of the Chartered Institute of Realtors (CIR), the institute will be engaging in a progressive series of seminars and workshops that will see the involvement of seasoned speakers, lecturers, and industry professionals from acclaimed institutions worldwide bringing their knowledge and experience to bear. The institute intends to, in the foreseeable future, establish itself as a professional body providing education and training courses to its members.