COMOG Concurs With Chief Imam’s Remarks

Hajj Abdel-Manan Abdel-Rahman

The Coalition of Muslim Organizations, Ghana (COMOG), have associated with the National Chief Imam’s Eid Ul Fitr message to the nation, especially his gratitude to the President on the nomination and subsequent appointment of Justice Tanko Amadu as a Justice of the Supreme Court.

A statement signed by the Coalition’s President, Hajj Abdel-Manan Abdel-Rahman, recalled a portion of the cleric’s remarks thus “though we believe you based your nomination and subsequent appointment on merit, we as Muslims feel greatly indebted to you for the appointment, Justice Issifu Tanko Amadu’s appointment will indeed serve as a an inspiration to many up and coming Muslims to aspire to greater heights in the legal profession, we, therefore, register our deep appreciation.”

COMOG goes ahead to appreciate the pivotal role Justice Tanko has played in the affairs of the Muslim community in the country, adding “COMOG is of the firm view that Tanko has no intention slighting Islam or compromising on the struggle of the Ummah for recognition of their constitutional rights.”

COMOG demands of Muslims to develop the spirit of forgiveness and support for one another. “We have to build sustainable tolerance for peaceful development while ensuring that we do not surrender or sacrifice the tenets of Islam, our most cherished faith.”

The statement continues “the Prophet of Islam makes us to understand that when believers are being pardoned by Allah, two believers who hold grudges against each other are not pardoned, and if the said believers fail to forgive each other after three days any of them who dies will be put in hell fire. It is therefore imperative for all to imbibe the spirit of forgiveness in order to derive the full benefits of the month-long fasting, prayers and diverse sacrifices.”

By A.R. Gomda