Consistently Inconsistent (1)

 John Mahama


We have been on a mission in recent times, especially to expose the lies of those bent on a so-called rescue mission.

We have no qualms with those who think that they have what it takes to govern the country. That decision rests with the good people of Ghana who are sovereign.

Again, we must state that all this while we have operated with the principle of exposing those who want to throw dust into the eyes of the people in order to mislead them to vote for incompetent politicians who are clueless about the country’s challenges.

It must be made loud and clear to those who think that we are pro-establishment that we may detest the views of the naysayers, but we would not prevent their rights to express them. What we find nauseating is the tendency among the naysayers to be consistently inconsistent about the goings on in the country. We ask those who have issues with us whether they are comfortable with the hypocrisy of the opposition NDC in tackling the government as responsible politicians who are supposed to act as an alternative government.

Whether it is the case of the Bank of Ghana’s (BoG) new headquarters building and the loss the apex bank incurred in 2022, the new producer price of cocoa and the limited registration among other issues.

There are very cogent reasons why we keep on having issues with the NDC, its flagbearer, the leaders and communicators as well as the collaborators in academia, media and civil society who think the NDC alternative is still relevant now.

Unfortunately, these groups of people have forgotten the very excruciating pain former President Mahama subjected this country to between 2012 and 2016 during the period of dumsor, payment of unprecedented judgment debt, arrogance among “babies with sharp teeth” and corruption in high places.

This same group of people who Ghanaians rejected in 2016 has suddenly become angels capable of saving the people from the current economic difficulties.

What the NDC has done so well is its alliance with some media houses and commentators to always highlight negative things about the NPP government but seal their lips when the NDC and their leaders exhibit their hypocrisy and incompetence in their public outbursts.

The news bulletins and weekend discussion programmes provide the platform for them to line up people who claim to be neutral commentators but doing the biddings of Mahama.

These media houses are the first to give the impression that they are setting the agenda, but those who are able to read in between the lines see clearly that these journalists and commentators are executing their part of the secret pact with the NDC.

We ask such commentators whether they are comfortable with what Mr Mahama said about the Electoral Commission (EC) in 2015 and 2016 when he was president, and what he said about the present Chairperson of the EC when he was booted out of office.