Controller Staff Reject Toyota Camry For V8


Some staff of the Controller and Accountant-General’s Department (CAGD) have rejected allocation of saloon cars to the department.

The staff who have developed taste for luxurious goods said they want Land Cruiser V8 for their bosses.

According to them, allocation of Toyota Camry to management and senior staff does not befit their status, hence it must be changed.

The staff whose responsibilities are keeping and disbursing public funds, are unhappy that Deputy Directors in other government agencies, including the Ministry of Finance are driving 4-wheel drive vehicles, whilst their bosses are being compelled to drive Toyota Camry, a saloon car.

They have, therefore, described such allocation as pathetic and disheartening at their annual conference in Mpraeso.

A staff of the organisation shockingly, demanded Toyota Land Cruiser Prado for the management team.

According to media reports, a staff asked, “I don’t understand why a department like this, which is very powerful when it comes to finances, all our deputy controllers are using Camry.

“Meanwhile you go to Ministries, especially the Ministry of Finance and you see that deputy directors are using V8. It is very pathetic. When you come to even regional level, you see some institutions, the directors are using V8 and others, are they better than us?” he asked.

He has, therefore, called on the Controller and Accountant-General to quickly intervene on their behalf in order to make their lives more comfortable.

“I am pleading that Controller – you do your best for us so that our deputy controllers, if not even V8, they should be given Prado. Our regional directors and the various directors at the head office should also be given Toyota Fortuners or any better car than the Camry and the pick-up,” he appealed.

However, the Controller and Accountant-General, Kwasi Kwaning-Bosompem, rejected the request and asked the staff to make use of what they have since the Toyota Camry supplied are new cars.

“If you listen to the last budget very well, the Finance Minister or President indicated that going forward even heads of departments are to use saloon cars for day-to-day work and then 4-wheel drive when you are going out of Accra. So we are trying our best,” he explained.

Mr. Kwaning-Bosompem recalled an experience with the car he was allocated when he assumed office as a Deputy Controller and Accountant-General.

“I was given some old Honda and on my way to my hometown, I got overheating on the way and it took me another three hours to move,” he narrated.


By Vincent Kubi