Cop Dies On Duty At Police Station

A Policeman stationed at Kwahu-Bepong in the Kwahu South District of the Eastern Region has been reported dead in the early hours of Wednesday.

It’s unclear, what led to the death of the Police officer, as the deceased Balatignan K. Kwesi was found lying in a supine position behind the counter with foams from his mouth.

According to a Police report, one of the officers, Paul Agyei reported to the Mpraeso District Police Commander Supt. Richard Hornuvo that on Wednesday at about 4am, he came to the charge office to check out on the deceased on duty only to found him lying dead in a supine position behind the counter with foaming from the mouth.

The Police then conduct a thorough search on the body but nothing incriminating was found.

The deceased body has since been removed and deposited at Kwahu Government Hospital mortuary, Atibie for preservation pending conveyance to  Police Hospital for autopsy.

BY Daniel Bampoe