Coronavirus Mischief Unleashed

President Nana Akufo-Addo

There could not have been busier times for members of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) than now. They are exploiting the coronavirus pandemic to its seams and we predicted it.

Various chapters from their agenda book, each of them exposing them even more, continue to make it to social media. Their flag bearer is providing them with the covering fire, with his toxic remarks telling us more about the man who was once President of this country.

The lockdown issue which many have offered suggestions on is one area which for them presents an opportunity to savour.

Of course, when it is necessary to lock down some parts of the country such as Accra and Kumasi, such an action should be taken.

A President and his government must, however, ponder over an issue before taking action, and for us that is exactly what the Commander-in-Chief is doing.

It was a similar pondering which informed the decision not to return Ghanaians from China.

Developments are being monitored by qualified persons and when it is appropriate to take certain decisions there would be no tardiness in that regard.

Ghana, like other nations, is faced with a challenge never before witnessed in its annals and requiring that each step that would be taken by government should be one whose dividends are overwhelming and in the interest of the people.

Unfortunately, the opposition NDC, as we have observed in previous commentaries, continues to politicize a subject which should be spared such trickeries.

Yesterday, President Akufo-Addo took the bold decision of releasing some prisoners, something he could not have done earlier.

The NDC had earlier gone to town with the subject unknowing to them about what was being discussed by the President and his team.  

The deliberate efforts to present the President as not taking appropriate actions against the pandemic can only emanate from evil-minded persons.

While the lockdown issue is in order, we should bear in mind that it comes with myriads of challenges for both the homeless and those living in their homes in areas outside the better organized parts of the cities.

The economic cost too is enormous as are the discomforts associated with it. We are already in a situation of closed borders, with the main international airport in the shut.

At this stage, we can only pray for the President to take a decision which would be in the overall interest of the nation.

Pandering to the whims and caprices of the NDC should, however, not be the way to go. The interests of Ghanaians supersede those of a desperate political grouping.  

Sincere suggestions at this time are what we need, not the mischief-laden remarks by NDC activists who are behaving as though coronavirus is discriminatory about its targets.   

We are hopeful that the coronavirus, like others before it, would soon evaporate into thin air, as God hears the cries of his creatures.