December In GH: Bloggers Team Up With GTA


The Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) has endorsed the Ghana Bloggers Association’s agenda to promote and blog about the positive aspects of Ghana, leading up to December in Ghana (GH).

Days ago, the Ghana Bloggers Association launched activation, urging all social media users and bloggers to focus on sharing positive news throughout Ghana under a thematic blogging initiative dubbed ‘Blog and Promote Ghana Agenda’.

During the launch, the association’s president, Andre Mustapha Nii Okai Inusah, also known as Attractive Mustapha, emphasised Ghana’s uniqueness. He encouraged citizens to take pride in showcasing the nation, citing Ghana’s central global position ‘Centre of the world’ and abundant natural resources, declaring it as the most peaceful country in Africa.

Attractive Mustapha disclosed plans for a Ghana tour and a global promotion campaign set to commence in December to further promote Ghana.

He highlighted December’s significance, drawing people worldwide to celebrate Christmas and New Year, positioning Ghana as a premier destination for these festivities.

The Ghana Tourism Authority has endorsed the association’s blog as well as the promotion of the Ghana Agenda.

In the coming days, they will collaborate with the authority to market Ghana globally.

The association also shared pictures of their meeting with the CEO of the Ghana Tourism Authority, Mr. Kwasi Agyemang, discussing the projects.

They urged every Ghanaian online to blog the good and positive news about Ghana, especially in December, as it is a time when the whole world comes to Ghana for Christmas festivities.