Devt Bank GH To Invest $1bn Into Economy


The incoming Development Bank Ghana (DBG) will in the next five years inject 1 billion dollars into the Ghanaian economy as part of the government’s effort to revitalize the economy.

The bank is expected to play a major role in the economic recovery effort following the Covid-19 pandemic and will support the Ghana Cares Obaatan Pa programme according to Minister for Finance, Ken Oforia-Atta.

At a press conference in Accra yesterday, the DBG will help address two important constraints in the country’s financial system, namely the lack of long-term funding, and the lack of adequate funding to the productive sectors of the economy.

He said through the DBG, investment will be made in Agribusiness with a focus on off-farm value-chain activities manufacturing, ICT, software, and allied services, including business-process outsourcing, tourism and boosting homeownership through affordable and longer tenure mortgage finance.

“DBG is not similar to the existing commercial banks that we have in the country. It is a non-deposit taking Wholesale bank.  DBG will neither give retail nor direct business loans, like the former Bank for Housing and Construction, NIB, ADB, and the like,” he said.

“It will rather provide funds to the existing commercial banks and other qualifying financial institutions to provide long-term lending and other innovative products that are presently lacking in the system. The bank will therefore complement and strengthen the operations of existing financial institutions,” he added.


Providing reasons why government considers DBG as the best approach to elevating the country from the COVID-induced setback, the Minister explained that the creation of what he called a modern and dynamic development bank is critical to the country’s economic rebound.

He said this approach has the potential to attract more private and international institutional capital as observed by the €170 million facility by the European Investment Bank (EIB), adding that the bank is starting from a clean slate, with no legacy financial, governance and other issues, an advantage he said policy banks like the Agric Development Bank (ADB) and National Development Bank (NIB) do not have.

Capitalization of DBG

The Minister said the bank will be launched in July 2021 with an initial Government of Ghana equity contribution of $250 million of which US$200 million has already been paid by government and institutional investors.

He said government aims to increase DBG’s lending capacity by raising additional funds from domestic and international private and institutional investors in order to build the needed foundation for the bank to shore up the Ghanaian economy.