DJ Cuppy’s Mum Prays For Her To Find ‘True Love’

DJ Cuppy


Popular disc jockey DJ Cuppy, has shared a screenshot of a message from her mother, Nana Otedola, via her Instagram story, in which her mother offered heartfelt prayers for her to find her soul mate.

The message from Nana Otedola read, “Now that you are becoming your best self and fully united to God when you are not watching, you will meet a man on his best self-journey. God will give you a man who is running after Him, in Jesus’ name.”

DJ Cuppy’s most recent relationship was her failed engagement to Ryan Taylor. The couple parted ways in July 2023, barely seven months after their engagement in November 2022.

Cuppy has been vocal about her desire to find ‘true love’, expressing that being ‘single and childless’ in her 30s feels ‘lonely and boring’. Nana Otedola’s prayer reflects the hope that her daughter will soon meet a partner who shares her values and devotion.