DKB Makes History With Comedy Express

DKB on stage

Comedian DKB had two sold-out shows with his Comedy Express on New Year’s night, making him one of the thriving comedians to achieve that feat in recent times.

His premium monthly comedy show has been running over a year and has been a platform for most of the country’s young comedians to connect with their audiences.

The show is arguably one of the most consistent shows throughout the year, created by the man who is acclaimed the king of comedy in Ghana.

But it had never gone beyond one show on a night.

However, on New Year’s night, it witnessed a remarkable boost, as for the very first time two shows were held on one night.

The auditorium at the Cockpit Bar & Lounge at Achimota was filled to its capacity and organisers had to stage a second show on the night to cater for all audience who came.

DKB, in a statement, credited the success of the show to Tesori Perfumes.

“We were a bit scared when we tried to do two shows a night, that’s 6:00pm and 9:00pm. Tesori Perfumes supported the show, and with that support, we were able to run multiple sponsored ads on social media, print more fliers and this resulted to the over patronage of the show. Both 6pm and 9pm shows were successful. A lot of people patronised to the extent that sitting areas run out,” he told NEWS-ONE.

“I would like to thank Tesori Perfumes, for if it hadn’t been for them, we would not have had the ability to widen the scope of our publicity and also to Joy Prime for being a solid partner for comedy express,” DKB said.

Among comedians who put up hilarious performances at the event were DKB, OB, Lekzy, Waris, Putogo, Sportoo, Crypto and hosted by MJ The Comedian.

Each of these comedians did justice to the audience with their rib-cracking jokes.

Tesori Perfume also gave out a bottle each to all who came through the show, giving everyone the chance to try their product.

It is an Italian product with fragrance for both males and females.