Docutech, Newgen Train Bankers, Entrepreneurs

DocuTech Ghana, in collaboration with Newgen, has held a day’s workshop for bankers, entrepreneurs and government officials.

The workshop, held at the Marriott Hotel in Accra on Wednesday, November 6, brought together business leaders and senior professionals from different business endeavours, and aimed at providing a platform for them to meet, interact and exchange ideas on digital transformation.

It also had in attendance international innovation leaders who shared insights on valuable strategies and tools needed to lead the next generation of IT and transform customers’ experiences.

Participants were taken through series of sessions where they were given trainings in various aspects of standard document management in the face of technological advancements in the 21st century.

In an interview with journalists, Managing Director of Docutech Ghana, Jean Louis Feghali stated that by the end of the workshop, it is expected that businesses and organizations will acquire technical knowledge on how to reduce the cumbersome processes through which physical documents such as certificates, letters, among others go through on daily basis in the office.

“Our company has the capacity to deploy solutions to allow companies to properly manage their documents from the time they are received or created by the organizations to the time they expire.

“So we have solutions from printing, scanning, saving until the document has overstayed its life cycle” he mentioned.

The training, he said, would give business owners and staff knowledge in digital process automation which will allow them to have less paper in the office, have more visibility over the documents and processes in the office.

On security and privacy, Mr. Feghali intimated that, offices that procure the docutech systems would have servers created for them in which all their documents can be saved in.

“We want to support organizations to apply state-of-the-art methods on their products and businesses such as having digital document management systems and business management systems in place”, he assured, adding that as time and technology evolves, it is important that businesses work with companies that are dynamic and progressive in meeting the changing demands of the industry.

BY Jamila Akwaley Okertchiri