Dr. Anyah Adjudged Africa’s Most Respected CEO

Dr. Felix Kwaku Anyah

CHIEF EXECUTIVE Officer and Executive Chairman of the Holy Trinity Spa and Health Farm, Dr. Felix Kwaku Anyah, has once again made Ghana proud by being conferred with Africa’s Most Respected CEO award.

Dr. Anyah received the award at an event dubbed “Africa’s Giants” held recently in Mauritius.

The event was hosted by the Business Executive in collaboration with the Economic Development Board in Mauritius.

Over 10 years after its establishment, the Holy Trinity Spa and Health Farm is still the only medical spa in Ghana and accredited by the Ministry of Health.

The spa facility, located along the Volta River at Sogakope, was also conferred with an award as Africa’s Best Destination Spa for Wellness Conference.

Reacting to the award, Dr. Anyah expressed satisfaction that the reputable organisation has recognised his efforts in the health sector.

He described the success of Holy Trinity Spa and Health Farm as a victory for integrative health, the latest approach to healthcare which combines scientific medicine with traditional healing.

According to him, “ill-health conversely is not only the presence of disease or injury but physical, emotional, mental, social, psychological and spiritual dysfunction.”

He explained that “people die not only because they have disease or injury which make them sick. Many people die because they have ill-health, which is not necessarily physical disease or an injury.”

A mammoth thanksgiving service was organised by the facility in Sogakope on Sunday, August 7, 2022.

Dr. Mrs. Dzormeku, Director of Medical Services at the Holy Trinity Medical Centre, speaking in a welcome address, noted that the Holy Trinity Spa and Health Farm was the Integrative Health/Medicine Department of the Holy Trinity Medical Centre.

Giving additional clarification, she explained that “Integrative Health/Medicine is a harmonised scientific or orthodox medical practices with health practices that science has not proven, called alternative medicine such as herbs, prayer, acupuncture, water, sound, climate, motion therapies called alternative health medicine, together with health practices that assist orthodox health such as physical exercise, healthy diet, sleep.”

Dr. Mrs. Dzormeku was of the view that lifestyle non-communicable diseases such as hypertension, stress disorders, diabetes, sleep disorders, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, depression, suicide, anxiety, back and neck pains, migraine, enlarged prostate, overweight, peptic ulcer, ischemic heart diseases, blood clots and cancers were affecting the productive sector in the middle and upper class globally more than infections.

“Most of these lifestyle problems cause death but may show little or no symptoms. Hypertension for example, has earned the name ‘Silent Killer’. “So is the increase in blood clots in the legs causing strokes, heart attacks or sudden death especially on aircrafts, otherwise called Economy Class Syndrome,” she added.

Dr. Anyah has bagged numerous awards in the past and some of these include the Millennium Excellence Award in Medicine by the Millennium Excellence Foundation, Most Respected CEO – Health, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 organised  by the Business Executive; Overall Best CEO of the Year organised by 8th Ghana Entrepreneurs and Corporate Executive; Best Health CEO of the Year at the 7th Africa Health Legendary Awards, among others.

BY Vincent Kubi