‘Drivers Should Exercise Restraint’

Victor Bilson, Western Regional NRSA Director


The Western Regional Directorate of the National Road Safety Authority (NRSA) has appealed to drivers operating in the region to exercise restraint on good roads, stressing that most fatal crashes are recorded on good roads.

“Most drivers are fond of speeding on relatively good roads. As the yuletide approaches, we will appeal to our hardworking drivers to be very careful and not to speed on the roads,” the Regional NRSA noted.

The Western Regional NRSA Director, Victor Bilson, who made the appeal, also advised pedestrians to wear brightly coloured clothes when going out at night, for easy identification by drivers, as knockdowns are also on the rise in the region.

“Wear brightly coloured clothes when going out at night, for easy identification, sometimes drivers find it difficult to see pedestrians when wearing dull clothes because most of our street lights are not working, and some drivers have poor vision as well,” he stated.

He revealed that the Western Region is ranked fifth in the country when it comes to the number of crashes and injuries.

“The other regions ahead of the Western Region in terms of road crashes are Greater Accra, Ashanti, Eastern and the Central Region.

“In terms of death, the Western Region is ranked sixth aside Greater Accra, Ashanti, Eastern, Central and Volta Region,” he pointed out.


From Emmanuel Opoku, Takoradi