Eastern Region Forestry Commission Gets New Office

The FC officials with Mr. Jinapor in front of the new office


The Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, Samuel A. Jinapor yesterday commissioned an ultra-modern office complex for the Eastern Regional Forestry Commission (FC).

The facility comprises of thirteen offices, a conference room, kitchenette and reception will help the Regional Forestry Commission execute its mandate in the seven forest districts in the region.

Addressing the gathering at the event in Koforidua, the Mr. Jinapor touched on the impact of climate change on the country and the world at large.

He said government, aware of the dire consequences of climate change has taken decisive and far-reaching forest-protection policies which are anchored on two important pillars – aggressive afforestation and reforestation and protection of the existing forest cover of the country.

A feature of the aggressive afforestation module, he explained is the Green Ghana project which is the flagship afforestation program of the government.  With the 2023 edition of the Green Ghana Project set for June 9, the Lands Minister leveraged on the opportunity to rally Ghanaians towards the event.

Laying emphasis on the grave situation the world finds itself in with respect to the impact of climate change, the Minister appealed to Ghanaians to participate in the event which he is certain will enable the country recover a significant size of its lost forestry cover and contribute to global efforts towards reducing climate change.

“Government’s policy in respect of the forestry sector of the country is anchored on two main pillars. The first one is our strategy of aggressive afforestation and reforestation. By this, we are talking about restoring the forest cover of our country. The statistics tell us that from 1902 till date, we’ve lost some 80% of our forest cover of our country and therefore it is the policy and strategy of government to be involved in re-afforestation and reforestation which is why several initiatives have been put in place including several interventions in forestry areas in our country to ensure that we plant more trees.

That is why on June 9, 2023 we are going to have the President lead the country to plan 10million trees which will take us to 30million plus trees since 2021”, he stated.

“The second strategy is to protect the existing forest cover of our country. Whiles we are planting the trees, we need to have a policy and program which will ensure that existing forests are well-protected. That is why I want to believe that the intervention by government to provide office spaces for the forestry commission of Eastern Region will aid and help protect the 48 forest reserves in the region,” he added.

Whiles commending the Forestry Commission of the Eastern Region for the magnificent edifice, Mr. Jinapor assured them of the support of government to fight all forms of illegalities in the forest reserves without fear or favor.

Chief Executive Officer of the Forestry Commission, John Allotey, revealed some major details about the building which was constructed by Bonzies Construction Limited.

He expressed with optimism that the new office will enable the management and staff in the region provide adequate protection of the forest reserves in the region.

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