Make July 1 National Poultry Day – Agrihouse

Alberta Nana Akyea Akosa

Agrihouse Foundation, a non-governmental agricultural capacity-building organization has appealed to policymakers to make July 1, a national poultry day to celebrate the poultry industry.

The Day which is already being marked by the NGO as chicken festival highlights the importance of the industry’s contribution to development.

“A national poultry day should be designated on 1st July to produce strategic solutions to counter the challenges that reduce its productivity,” Director, of Agrihouse Foundation Alberta Nana Akyea Akosa said.

She emphasized that it is about time stakeholders joined their voices in reshaping the industry.

“We hope to create the moment where policymakers meet farmers to dialogue on poultry production matters. We are also hoping to play an advocacy role in calling on investors to take a different look at the industry.

This is the surest way to address industry issues. I am also convinced that more companies will invest in the poultry value chain. This will reduce the burden faced by our smallholder farmers who are the major poultry suppliers in the country,” she explained.

The celebration which will take place at the Forecourt of the State House is supported by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, USAID, and other supporters in the agricultural value chain.

The event features Knowledge –Sharing Panel Conversation about the poultry industry, value chains, and growth opportunities.

In addition, it includes the Chicken Recipe Cooking Competition, Chicken Meat Samples, Exhibitions, and Networking.

Ms Akosa emphatically indicated that Ghana’s poultry industry is on the verge of collapse as smallholder poultry farmers suffer from rising feed costs and the emergence and re-emergence of diseases among other major challenges that affect the industry.

“Many of the poultry farmers whose businesses Agrihouse works with in Kumasi, Tamale, and even Accra have folded due to industry challenges. The remaining ones are just trying to endure in the hope that the industry bounces back soon,” she said.

Ms. Akosa called on Ghanaians to patronize the July 1st National poultry day. This is “to give hope to the industry and farmers that we care for them and support them in all that they do”.

BY Prince Fiifi Yorke