ECG Interrupts Power Supply

THE ELECTRICITY Company of Ghana (ECG), in collaboration with the Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo), has announced a scheduled interruption of power supply in parts of Accra to facilitate works on the Volta-Achimota Transmission Corridor project.

The 22-day load shedding, scheduled to commence from June 28 to July 19, at only peak hours, is to enable contractors improve power supply reliability and system voltages in the capital.

Managing Director of ECG, Kwame Agyeman-Budu, announcing the schedule to the press, said the Trasacco Bulk Supply Point (BSP) will be managed to enable the construction of towers at the Volta, Accra and Achimota sub-stations and complete the stringing and commissioning of a new double circuit 161kv Volta-Achimota transmission line.

“This exercise will lead to a short fall in transmission of power during the peak load hours… and will affect power supply to some customers in Accra between the hours of 6pm and 12 midnight,” he  said.

Affected Areas

Mr. Agyeman-Budu said the affected areas have been demarcated into six groups. Groups A to D will go off four times within the period while E and F will go off three times within the period.

Group A include areas such as Adjiriganor, American House, Kings Cottage, Accra Mall, Printex and Teshie Bush Road.

The rest are Demo Taxi Rank, NAFTI and the VRA Flat.

Group B consists of Golf House, Ghana Water Company Booster Station, Action Chapel, Martey Tsuru, and Lister Hospital.

Others are Palm Wine Junction, Kojo Sardine, Sneda Motors, Agblezaa, Yomo Specs and Tebibiano.

Areas classified under Group C include La Beach Hotel, La Palm Beach Hotel, La T-Junction, Addo Kufour and Teshie Maamli.

Speedy, Sahood, China Mall, Fon Tissue, Awula Wulu, Ayalolo, East Legon, Mensvic Hotel, Zoomlion, and Adjei Kojo also fall within the same category.

Group D is made up of Labadi, Okpoi Gonno, Trasacco Estates, Ghandour Cosmetics, CCTC Warehouse, Teshie Nungua, Addogonno, Coca Cola Factory and Polytank.

Group E also covers Sraha, Otanor, Ability, Tse Addo, Teshie England, Kasapreko, Kasabendita, Aviation Social Centre, Hajj Village, Frimpongmaa Estates, Hydrofoam Estates, and Airport Residential Area.

Group F on the other hand include GREDA Estate, Adjorman, Akuaba, Villagio, Fynns Package, SadalCo, Sintex, Miniplast, Britanica, Regimanuel Estates, Obediden, DVLA, Mitsubishi, Opeibea, and Earls Court.


According to the schedule, Group A would be affected on June 28, July 4, July 10 and July 16 respectively while Group B will be affected on June 29, July 5, July 11 and July 17.

Areas categories under Group C will be affected on June 30, July 6, July 12, and July 18 while Group D will observe load shedding on July 1, July 7, July 13 and July 19.

Group E will witness load shedding on July 2, July 8 and July 14 as Group F experiences interruption on July 3, July 9 and July 15.

By Jamila Akweley Okertchiri