Eddie Nartey Threatens Umar Krupp?

Eddie Nartey and Umar Krupp

Actor and director, Eddie Nartey, has threatened to deal with his friend and actor, Umar Krupp, for crossing the line with him.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday, he didn’t state exactly what Umar did to him but he warned him not to be fooled by what people are saying.

He wrote: “@umarkrupp I have had a good friendship with you and we have done a lot of things together. One thing I will not tolerate is when you cross the line. Don’t be fooled by what people are saying, I will F**k you up!”

Eddie and Umar were very good friends. They recently travelled out of the country and even shared images and videos goofing around.

There were indications that they even shot a film together. But it appears they are having bad times at the moment.

Many of Eddy’s followers are divided over his latest post. While some are calming him down, others support his agenda. Some also believed the post is for their upcoming movie project.

By Francis Addo